Successful test in the Spanish sun for Team ILR

Team ILR unveiled their new Moto 3 bikes at last week's Official BSB test, with team owner Ian Lougher more than happy after four days of activity at the Cartagena Circuit in Southern Spain.

The test was also the perfect opportunity for riders Vasco van der Valk and Joe Thomas to not only get accustomed to their new bike, but also meet each other and their new team.

It soon became obvious from the first day that everyone was gelling perfectly, with the new recruits enjoying themselves immensely and, with Lougher himself putting in some laps on their bikes, both lads were making the most of the opportunity to learn new things from the vastly experienced Welshman and his team personnel.

By the third day, progress was such in areas like suspension settings etc, that the team decided to take part in two of the four scheduled sessions on the last day to bring a very promising test to a successful conclusion.

Team owner Ian Lougher ''Cartagena was a good shake down for both riders and bikes. This is a new venture this year running Moto 3 bikes at Team ILR, so I must admit I was a little nervous to see how it would pan out.
With new bikes, new class and new riders I was probably more nervous than the riders, but everything worked out really well.
Everybody worked together as a team, 15 yr old Vasco and 16 yr old Joe displayed a great deal of experience for their young age, giving us good feedback which in turn allowed us to make the changes they required. 
We were turning out the bikes for the very first time, but still missing a lot of engine tuning parts, especially on one bike, which meant that they had to share the bikes between them which is never ideal, and concentrate on finding a good suspension setting and getting to know the basics of their 250cc machines.
We achieved this, so I am very pleased and looking forward to working with both lads throughout the 2015 season''.

Vasco van der Valk : "I was quite nervous when we flew down to Cartagena. But after the first meet with the team, I knew that the coming season is gonna be great!
We had a lot of time so there was no pressure and we had time to learn as much as possible about the new bike.
Joe and I were equally fast but we have a totally different riding style. It was really fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. Even Ian did ride on our bikes and trust me, he is still fast. At the end of the weekend I was really happy about the setting of the bike, now the kit will be put in so I can be even faster!
Bring on the first race in Donington!

Joe Thomas "What an amazing four days testing. 

I had such an incredible time, the team was awesome and I learned loads. I felt the test went very well, I progressed gradually through the week, the bikes are fast and possibly very competitive.
All in all I am ready to get out for the first session at Donington."

The 2015 BSB Motostar Championship kicks off at Donington Park this Easter (4/5/6 April). 

Team ILR at the Official BSB test at Cartagena.


Successful Test in the Spanish sun for Team ILR 

Posted March 2015